From September 24 to 29th, the Euro class left on  an exchange with Dutch pupils

Hello everybody !



From September 24th to September 29th 2017, during one week the 3eme from the euro class had an exchange.

Mrs Hennessy works with a school called OBC Bemmel, in the Netherlands.

To prepare the exchange there were different issues. First, there were 10 Dutch girls, but 11 French girls. After, there were 20 Dutch students, but only 18 French students.


The Dutch arrived in Canteleu on Sunday and we prepared a big dinner for them in the school. They came with their French teacher and their English teacher. For us there were Mrs Hennessy (English teacher), Mrs Guerillon (History teacher) and on Tuesday Mrs Rezulak (another History teacher).


During the week, we did a lot of things ! We went to the memorial in Caen, the American cimetery, Versailles, Beaubourg, Rouen, shopping, laser game, we had a party ... We visited Rouen and we practised our English.


The objectives of the exchange were to speak English during one week, to improve, to discuss, to learn new words, to live with a foreign pupil and to exchange.


On June the French will go to the Netherlands.


It was a very good week, because our penpals were very nice, we learnt a lot of things, we improved our English and we discussed. The Dutch and French teachers were very nice and the Dutch were very funny !

The exchange was short, tiring but it was a perfect week !!!





Article written by Lola H.