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Hello ! On this article, you can read the news from june to october 2017; Good Reading !

Terror Attacks in Marseille


On Sunday the 1st of October, there was a terrorist attack in France, more precisely next to the Marseille railway station.

A man killed two women, they were cousins. They were 20 and 21 years old. One was a student in a nursing school in Lyon, and the other was a medical student in Marseille.

They were celebrating their birthdays.

The man had no paper on him, but he was known for robbery and drug trafficking.

He was killed by soldiers. Daesh revendicated the event.


I find it auful to kill innocent people.

It makes me sad to know that two women died when their vocation was to save lives.


Mado C.


Simone Veil


My event happened in June 2017. It deals with Simone Veil.

On June 30th, Simone Veil died in Paris.

She was Jewish, and she lived durig the second World War.

She was deported in a concentration camp, when she was 16 years old.

She survived with her sisters.

In 1974, she became the French Health Minister.

She faught against discriminations made on French Women.


In my opinion Simone Veil was an icon, because she saved the lives of French Woman, by improving their living conditions: Right to get an abortion...


Lou L.




This summer he left Barca for PSG, Paris football Club.

Also Paris bought him for two hundred and twenty-one millions euros.

It is the highest transfer off all time.


I think it's so expensive for a transfer but Neymar is a very very good football player. He will win the golden ball one day ! I love this player !


Anissa A.




From the 1st to the 5th of June, the first edition of the Royal Jump took place in France.

There were many spectators because the Royal Jump is an international horse riding competition.


I choose this article because it a very important competition, and the winner is a French rider.


Lola H.



In September there was a new movie released. It's called "IT". It is a horror movie, with a clown.

Is an adaptation of a book, the most terrifying of Stepahn King. If you watch this movie "You'll float too".




Despacito is the most listened song of the summer.

It's a Spanish song who was remixted by a lot of artists.


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